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    In this Kevo vs August comparison, we'll go over all the ins-and-outs to determine which smart lock would be most suitable for you. Kevo Plus. With the Kevo (licensed out from UniKey), you'll be able to unlock your deadbolt just by tapping on it, thanks to the built-in Bluetooth 4.0 capable of detecting the smartphone in your pocket. However, the Kevo does not log openings and closings when using the fob, which makes no sense to me. Performance Comparison. The Kwikset Kevo Convert is a simple way to keep your exterior lock and keys, and instead replace only the interior deadbolt lock mechanism. If it finds one, the light will turn green, flash twice, and the lock will open. Bugler proof design This is established using two features. Also, phones that aren't equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 won't be able to interact with the Kevo. Kevo Fob. Fumbling with your keys is now a thing of the past. It's the number-one thing that I wanted to test out, and thankfully, it's a feature that works flawlessly. As such, if you're looking for the strongest, safest lock on the market, I think you'll want to look elsewhere. However, stacked up against the excellent August Smart Lock , it looks pricey. Obvious, the Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock with Keyless Bluetooth connection and a ‘Touch to Open’ functionality has a keyed entry possibility. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology. This is mainly due to the Bluetooth connectivity feature. Prior to joining Ziff Davis, John spent six years in retail operations for Federated Stores, Inc. before accepting a purchasing position with Morris Decision Systems, one of New York's first value-added resellers of the original IBM PC. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. The Kwikset Kevo checks off all the basic boxes when it comes to smart features, but those features generally don't come without major annoyances. If you have any trouble, just scan the QR code for assistance. This allows Kevo owners to view the status of their door as locked or … 0. you also get installation instructions, a user guide, and a drilling/boring template if your door is not already prepared for a deadbolt. The relatively short lag time between recognition and activation is only a minor annoyance, but adding logging support for the keychain fob should be at the top of Kwikset's to-do list. After those three taps, the lock will either flash green for a successful calibration, or red for an unsuccessful one. That means the lock is looking for an iOS device with an authorized encrypted electronic key (eKey) or an enrolled keychain fob. With the Kevo Bluetooth lock and an iOS device, you can unlock your door with a swipe of your finger. In fact, you won't notice anything different about it until you get up close and actually touch it, at which point a ring around the cylinder displays a spinning blue light. Installing the Kevo lock was fairly painless. Whether leaving or coming home, Kevo smart lock takes only a touch to lock and unlock. Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock review By Julie Strietelmeier / August 10, 2016 September 12, 2017 / Reviews / Home and Kitchen , Home Security , Locks / 21 Comments Picture this scenario. Once the old lock was removed I installed the Kevo cylinder and deadbolt mechanism using the existing mounting holes in my door. 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The display of third-party trademarks and trade names on this site does not necessarily indicate any affiliation or the endorsement of PCMag. If you've got a compatible smartphone, you'll enjoy this smart lock, but if you're looking for high security, look elsewhere. The exterior of the lock will show a solid red light at the top of the ring, while a blinking red light will show on the housing on the inside of the door. If not for the inside/outside distinction, they could simply tap the lock, see the magenta lights, and know that you're nearby inside. The Kevo Gen 2's response time is a bit faster than its predecessor. If you click an affiliate link and buy a product or service, we may be paid a fee by that merchant. I like feeling that buzz in my pocket and knowing that the process is working, but the app doesn't currently offer a way to change the sound, or mute it completely. Charging for eKeys is just something that Kwikset does because, well, it can. Kevo offers Kevo Plus, an additional service that monitors your door lock status, provides remote locking and unlocking, and also a Bluetooth Gateway (which connects to your router). Kevo Convert. SimpliSafe's DIY home security system remains an outstanding value in its class. CES 2021 prediction: 5G talk will dominate this year's virtual conference, CES 2021 trends to look for in TV streaming, fitness apps, video chat software and more, This brainy smart lock just isn't brawny enough, Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Door Lock (Satin Nickel), Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Door Lock (Lifetime Polished Brass), Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Door Lock (Venetian Bronze). I tried holding the phone up in the air. This screen shows you how many eKeys are active, pending, and disabled for each lock. Arlo's $150 Video Doorbell is still an excellent doorbell at a reasonable price. It's also significantly more expensive than a traditional single cylinder lock. It's the little things Tapping your way into your home has some clear appeal, especially if you're carrying an armful of groceries. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. Watch Kevo … However, unlike with some other smart locks, you won't be able to send out eKeys that only work at a certain time, or that automatically expire on a certain date. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Kwikset Kevo 2nd Generation review: Kevo’s upgraded smart lock is a touchy-feely option Kwikset’s signature smart lock is a bit tricky to work with, and comes at a price. View on Amazon. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Replacing my single cylinder deadbolt lock was a snap. After installing, calibrating, and testing the thing out, I was thoroughly impressed by how strongly the Kevo performed. Surprisingly, some of the Kevo's best features are its least noticeable. Sign up for What's New Now to get our top stories delivered to your inbox every morning. Let's you know who's coming and going. As simple a process as it sounds, it took me about a dozen attempts to get it right. If you're looking for a smart lock we would suggest that you steer clear. The lock is fairly easy to install and does exactly what it is supposed to do, but there is a lag between the time you touch the lock and the time it actually opens. Kevo's security and convenience features are good but lack the quality of other smart door locks we tested. At first glance the Kevo looks like an ordinary deadbolt lock. That's it. But, if you want a lock that's loaded with convenient functionality and an undeniable cool factor, then look no further. It also offers wide compatibility with other smart-home devices. Not the Kwikset Kevo, that's for sure. I tested it again and again, from every conceivable angle, and not once did the Kevo unlock when I didn't want it to. The light ring uses different colors and flashing codes to let you know things like when the batteries need changing, if the smart device or fob is out of range, an unauthorized device is trying to gain access, or the lock is jammed. Also a bummer: each eKey you send out after the first one will cost $1.99. It also displays each user's email address. If you've got a compatible smartphone, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better smart lock than this. For the next five years, he was responsible for buying and configuring IBM PC, XT and AT desktops for many of New York's financial institutions. Works with Kevo Lock. Once the free app is downloaded from the Apple App Store it walks you through the setup and registration process. Take a step to the left or a step to the right, and that number will drop to 80 or 90 percent. Sharing an eKey is as easy as sending an email to the intended user, assigning rights, and naming the key. This keypad smart lock allows for quick exit or entry without needing to carry keys (or even a smartphone). This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. I'm not sure that I'd feel comfortable bolting a conspicuously fancy appliance to my front door, as you will be if you go with a lock like the Goji. Additionally, all of these step-by-step instructions are located conveniently within the Kevo app. By not advertising itself as a pricey piece of hardware, it isn't likely to draw unwanted attention to your front door. The Kwikset Kevo Traditional (2nd Gen) is battery powered, with a low-battery indicator built into the lock. Your subscription has been confirmed. Provides fingertip access using eKeys. The Kevo looks like a regular old deadbolt...until you tap on it. The indoor/outdoor sensor worked flawlessly, never once letting us in … While Kevo Convert may initially offer entry-level smart lock features, there’s much to explore once you invest in the gateway. You'll be able to see when people "accept" the eKeys you send out, and you'll also be able to see when everyone is coming and going on a handy timeline. By John Carlsen August 14, 2018. If your phone or fob is too far away for the Kevo to key in on its precise signal, the lights will turn magenta, telling you to stand a bit closer and try again. Let's say you're inside the house and someone unsavory is at your door. If you've ever arrived at home juggling an armload of groceries you know how difficult it can be to get into the house without having to drop everything to unlock the door. Tap the calibration button on the interior of the lock to activate indoor/outdoor detection. Even if you have no prior experience the installation guide is very straightforward and easy to follow. At $229, the lock certainly positions Kevo as a premium device, but on paper, it offers better value than Nest x Yale. It's not cheap and it comes with some minor drawbacks, but if you're ready to lose your traditional keys, it's worth checking out. A company representative informed me that this functionality may be added in future updates. Calibration is key The Kevo determines whether you're inside or outside your home thanks to a clever calibration process that teaches the lock how to make the distinction. There are no monthly or annual fees for this service, but there is a one time upfront cost of $99. This lock kit gets an 8/10 on installation because it’s fairly easy to install, but needs a separate wi-fi adapter. The SmartKey deadbolt at the heart of the Kevo is too easy to break for a lock that costs $219. They'll only appear if the Kevo is certain that you're outside. Look for that to change in the near future as the app gets updated. The Kwikset 2nd Gen Bluetooth deadbolt’s best feature is its unique touch mechanism, where you don’t have to open the app to lock or unlock your door — you simply touch your smartphone to the lock. Fortunately, Kwikset has plans to support both platforms in the near future. Red flash. Kwikset covers the Kevo with a lifetime finish and mechanical warranty, and a one year electronic warranty. You'll need to manage all of that manually, which is a little bit disappointing. You can let users have Admin rights, which lets them purchase, assign, edit, and delete eKeys, or Anytime rights, which lets them lock and unlock the door, but includes no management capabilities. KEVO Review – Smart Keyless Door Lock 925 DB 15. A 13-year veteran of PC Magazine's Labs (most recently as Director of Operations), John was responsible for the recruitment, training and management of the Labs technical staff, as well as evaluating and maintaining the integrity of the Labs testing machines and procedures. It's perhaps the Kevo's most crucial feature -- without it, leaving your phone sitting on a table near the front door would mean that anybody with skin could waltz up to your stoop and unlock your deadbolt. Review of the Kwikset Kevo powered by UniKey - Techlicious If you know how to install a door lock, the Kevo installation process is fairly simple and should only take ten minutes or so. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Engadget. The lock will glow green, and, with the phone or fob that you're calibrating in your pocket, you'll simply tap the lock three times. You can then calibrate the iOS device to enable the lock's inside/outside security feature, which uses a sensor to prevent unauthorized entry while your fob or smart device is inside your home. First, you have to enable Bluetooth, location services, and notifications on your iOS device. The Good The Kwikset Kevo packs a lot of subtle smarts into a little device. Need help picking out the best home security system for your home? Nothing seemed to work. I tried stepping back as far away from the lock as I could. But if you're ready to lose your traditional keys, it's worth checking out. It really comes down to what you want to do with the Kevo lock and how you’ll get the most use out of it. (The included fob is already paired to the lock.)

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