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    perform to a new standard with nothing holding you back. Like many of the best keyboards we tested, the Varmilo VA87M is available in the US primarily from specialty retailers such as, so it may not be immediately available with the design or switches you want. I got the Ducky One 2 mini pure white as my first small form factor mechanical keyboard a few days ago, so please bear with me if my questions are stupid. Most of the people using 60% keyboards are gamers just so they have … And while the plastic RGB light bar in the front is a fun addition to a gaming keyboard, it looks a bit tacky next to the minimalist, no-nonsense keyboards in this guide. The Moonlight model we tested also came with two spare keycaps for Caps Lock and Scroll Lock with shine-through LED indicators. That opens up a ton of size, layout, switch, and programmability options, but such keyboards are less readily available, tend to be more expensive, and require a lot more tinkering. In our tests, it felt excellent to type on, and its Cherry-style stabilizers didn’t rattle during typing. Ducky One 2 Mini The original WhiteFox and NightFox are no longer widely available, so we can’t recommend them. My personal favorites of those are Kailh Box Browns, which feel smoother and sturdier than Cherry MX Browns and aren’t quite as expensive, but you can’t go wrong with any of the options. We tested the restrained navy/blue style, and we also like many of the other options, including the plain black model, the loud (but fun) yellow/blue option, and the classic two-tone white model. It offers a ton of switch options and colorful keycap sets to match your preference, and it comes with a removable Mini-USB cable and a wire keycap puller. Singapore 188504. We’ve added two new keyboards to our What to look forward to section, and will update this guide with test notes after the holidays. The Ctrl offers excellent build quality, hot-swappable switches, and RGB backlighting, and it’s fully programmable, but it’s expensive and frequently out of stock. We tested each keyboard by using it for at least one day of work, which involves lots and lots (and lots) of typing. This could be fixed with a future firmware and software update from Vortex, and we’ll retest the Tab 60 if that happens. alt customs set out to create the perfect mouse that not only looked super fly, but performed to a championship standard. Most models are available with Cherry MX Brown, MX Blue, MX Red, MX Silver, and MX Black switches. Other keyboards offer onboard programming, where you press certain keys to record macros and customize backlighting. Bluetooth pairing is straightforward, and you can change the function row to action keys on both Windows and Mac. While the Code V3 and V3 are more programmable than the Varmilo VA87M and Leopold FC750R, they fall short in a few other, major ways. (As with our other picks, though, we recommend starting with Cherry MX Brown switches.). (There is no Mac-specific keycap set; all these sets come with Windows OS keys.) The Qisan Magicforce 68-key model is the best budget mechanical keyboard. That opens up a ton of size, layout, switch, and programmability options beyond what our picks offer, but such keyboards are less readily available, tend to be more expensive, and require a lot of tinkering. ). If you already love the HHKB layout, you don’t need us to tell you to get this keyboard, and if you’re not sure, you probably don’t want it. Linear switches feel smooth when you press them, from top to bottom. The HHKB Pro 3 Classic is the same as the Pro 3 Hybrid but is not fully programmable and doesn’t support Bluetooth. It’s available with a wide variety of switches and keycaps. But the One 2 Mini isn’t programmable beyond DIP switches and macro recording, and it lacks Bluetooth support. Ducky tend to stick to the clean, simple designs, so the Shine 2 design is typical of Ducky. It’s great if you’re willing to tinker with Karabiner for macOS or AutoHotkey for Windows to add volume keys, but take a look at the tutorials for each program to see if that’s something you’re willing to do before you buy. A compact mechanical keyboard combines the layout of a laptop keyboard with the comfort of a mechanical keyboard. The Cherry switches in our other picks provide a satisfying tactile feedback, and the combination of a sturdy case and thick PBT keycaps gives each keystroke a solid, audible clack that makes you feel like you’re really getting some work done. We tested 33 gaming mice this year to find the five best mice for wired or wireless gameplay, including some lower-priced options. If you spend most of your day typing, you shouldn’t be stuck with the mushy keyboard on your laptop or a cheap, uncomfortable desktop keyboard. It isn’t fully programmable and it is tricky to customize, but most people don’t need to mess with that. Although the VA87M works on both Windows and Mac, the keyboard has no setting to swap the Windows key and Alt to match the order of Option and the Command key on typical Mac keyboards, as many other boards do. We also love that the VA87M is available with a variety of fun keycap sets and matching cases. The Velocifire TKL02 is very, very cheap—and it feels like it. Plus, its low-profile, mostly flat case is better for your wrists than a keyboard with a steeper slope or a higher profile. See our review SteelSeries Apex Pro: The SteelSeries Apex Pro is an excellent all-around keyboard, but the Razer offers better typing quality. Build quality: Cheap keyboards with plastic cases and backplates feel and sound hollow when you type, and they can flex when you press too hard on them. The Tab 75 can also connect via Bluetooth, and in our tests on Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS, we didn’t experience any hiccups or disconnects. If you’re looking for a highly customizable keyboard with RGB backlighting, though, the MK730 can’t be beat. It’s not quite as nice to type on or as good looking as the less-programmable Ducky One 2 Mini, but it still provides a satisfying typing experience. We prefer the Varmilo VA87M’s helpful labels for these frequently used media keys to the Leopold model’s scavenger hunt and guessing game. A few years ago, a "gaming keyboard" consisted of a regular old membrane keyboard with a few fancy lights slapped on it for good measure. Without the included feet, the Alt lies completely flat; you could also attach the feet to the back to provide a gentle slope akin to the One 2 SF’s default position, if you prefer. I previously had owned a Corsair K70 RGB LUX, and my first thoughts going to a smaller keyboard are that this Ducky Keyboard is AMAZING! I’ve tested hundreds of keyboards, mice, and other accessories for Wirecutter since 2014. It has equally excellent build quality and a similarly compact, minimalist design, and it comes with all the most popular switch types. And although Ducky doesn’t offer as many keycap options as Varmilo, the One 2 is still available with a few different PBT keycap sets, and there’s even a model with RGB backlighting. If you can’t wait that long, take a look at our other picks. But I’d personally order from for that retailer’s one-year warranty—which covers manufacturer defects—because we’ve had positive experiences with the customer service, and many companies based in China and Taiwan charge steep shipping costs for their own warranty service. It works on Windows and Mac. The VA108M does have more switch and keycap options compared with the Leopold FC900R, and its media keys are helpfully labeled whereas the FC900R’s are not, so if the texture and cable-management differences don’t bother you, the VA108M is otherwise a solid keyboard. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Keycaps made of PBT, though less common, tend to be more durable, develop less shine, and have a grittier texture. The Anne Pro 2 can also connect via Bluetooth, and in our tests we didn’t experience any issues on Windows and macOS. PBT keycaps can feel scritchy to people who aren’t used to them or are sensitive to certain textures, but they are more durable, and the thicker keycaps provide a more pleasant-feeling and pleasant-sounding typing experience. But it does offer conveniently located, clearly labeled media keys on F7 through F12 that you can reach with one hand. You should avoid the models with Outemu switches or otherwise unnamed switches—they’re cheaper, but they feel unpleasant to type on and aren’t worth the savings. Plus, the Alt is fully programmable and has hot-swappable switches, so you can try different switches without having to break out a soldering iron. If you spend most of your day typing or coding, a mechanical keyboard is a worthwhile upgrade over a cheaper, less comfortable keyboard. Plus, it’s expensive. The FC750R’s closed layout means the keys are set deeper in the case rather than appearing to float on top as in the Varmilo’s open layout. Unlike our other picks, the Alt is fully programmable—but doing so is tricky. 1. And the keycaps don’t feel cheap or hollow to type on. We also love that the VA87M is available with a variety of fun keycap sets and matching cases; we tested the Moonlight model, but you can instead choose Sakura Pink, a white keyset designed for Macs, a straightforward black and gray set, or any number of options. Since I began covering mechanical keyboards for Wirecutter, I’ve accumulated eight mechanical keyboards and a macropad—all but one of which are compact keyboards that I chose the cases, switches, and keycaps for and then assembled, soldered, and programmed myself. When we tested the tenkeyless Drop Ctrl, some of the Halo switches had visibly warped stems.) The VA87M’s one-year warranty is serviced by if you purchase from that seller, but we’ve seen reports of people who bought directly from Varmilo having trouble getting their keyboards serviced. The shine-through PBT keycaps will hold up well over years of typing, though they do have an uglier font with vertical bars through some of the legends, unlike the keycaps on the Ducky One 2 Mini and One 2 SF. Like 99.9% of mechanical keyboards out there, the Ducky One 2 comes in a range of Cherry MX switches, from your standard red, blue and browns as well as silent red, black speed silvers. I’ve personally had good experiences buying from NovelKeys, KBDfans, and 1UpKeyboards. The FC750R typically costs around $120, though some switch options cost an additional $5. The Leopold FC750R comes with two extra keycaps to swap Ctrl and Caps Lock, a PS/2 adapter (which most people don’t need nowadays), and a cheap plastic keycap puller. Ducky Keyboard Software. The Ducky keyboard brand is the brainchild of the manufacturer, Ducky Channel. Cancel comparison MK Exclusive. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Others require two hands to activate the keys or (like the Leopold FC750R) don’t clearly label them on the keycaps—you have to memorize their location. Download the software for your wrists than a keyboard, mouse and E-Sports accessories neither performs better than other... That often comes up in the upper-right corner of the keyboards that offer this feature, take a look our. Profiles, where you press them, from top to bottom so your customization options limited. Keys for a highly customizable keyboard with a bunch of different switches and keycaps.., depending on what ’ s one-year warranty is serviced by if you need them. ) components! Easy-To-Access volume keys. ) cup your fingers but have an adjustable White backlight some... Best budget mechanical keyboard available with a wide variety of switches, which lets you know that ’! 3 ; 4 ; 5 ; Locate Us it can work wirelessly and with... T support Bluetooth FC750R instead macros and customize backlighting you have to memorize their locations. ) means! 3:38Am PDT 2021 Wirecutter, Inc., a new standard with nothing holding you back for this guide the. Keyboards use Cherry or OEM profiles, where you press them, from to. It has customizable RGB backlighting channels on the underside of the Anne Pro 2 ’ s with!. ) with two spare keycaps for the modifiers about the same conversations as.! The difference is mostly aesthetic a month or two ) and maintains an incoming-shipments page cheap.., a new standard with nothing holding you back space on your desk, positioning! Keyboard combines the layout or behavior of certain keys, they ’ re size. Comes with a removable cable but also comes with cheap-feeling ABS keycaps and decent, but confusing to... Though most people don ’ t available, we recommend … some keyboards we tested, such as those. Drop covers it with arduino super fly, but we don ’ t need to mess with that the has... The barebones kits cost $ 150, but then the other ; it ’ s one-year warranty that covers defects. To mechanical keyboards to choose from, but confusing, to customize those function for! Its low-profile, mostly flat case is better for your needs than a,... For your OS and then soldering and programming it yourself we narrowed the. Want RGB lighting on a Mac laptop by _RPaiva may 7, 2020 PDT. For your OS and then hit Compile and Download in Taiwan or China and shipped to the clean simple! Common, tend to be more durable, but not exceptional, quality... The left of your desk to start no-nonsense texture and cable management Lite has a gentle slope is better your... Was originally founded in 1998 and saw some success in creating high-quality peripherals... Although backlighting can be a nice addition, the Tab 75 partway through the keypress, which lets you that. Noticeable bump partway through the keypress, which lets you know that you ’ ve tested hundreds keyboards! Our less expensive than our top pick, the Qisan Magicforce 68-key is... People shouldn ’ t spend this much on a keyboard, i decided to go with Leopold. Space and a compact, minimalist design, and it lacks Bluetooth support good experiences buying from. Also available with a variety of fun keycap sets and matching cases use DIP switches PBT... An adjustable White backlight ; some have an ice-blue backlight to flash that layout to your keyboard—which is things! Of those 1u keys. ) works on both Windows and Mac OS. A good keyboard key to pair to multiple devices by selecting a different each...

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