Every student's dream, now comes true.

Interactive tech in classrooms; It's all about engagement.

In recent research, commissioned by Steljes and carried out by survey company Censuswide, we found that teachers were in agreement — almost all of those surveyed (97%), both primary and secondary school educators, said they agreed that interactive technology in the classroom delivers an improved learning experience.

L.I.M.E : Learning through Interactive 3D Model Experience. I squared
Animotions. Content specific
Mobile apps Content specific
Holograms Coming soon.

Virtual Try Room
A powerful and easy to use augmented reality 3D fitting room system.

Virtual mirror, shopping window, photo booth and so much more.

Our innovative technology allows shoppers to virtually try on various clothes and accessories, giving the chance to preview products without trying them on physically. Our photo booth let's you take photos of yourself in the new clothes with amazing backgrounds.

Clothes Mapping Refined algorithm.
3D Models creation of stock. Various formats.
3D Model Rigging Close to reality.
Photo booth application. Capture those moments.

Interactive Advertising
Gesture based, advanced interactive play platform.

What if advertisements instead of spoiling the fun, became fun ?

Our interactive ads, developed on i2 imprints an unforgettable interactive experience in the minds of it's audience. They provide purpose-built customized advertising solutions which are unique and innovative. I2 uses psychological conditioning to imprint an idea in viewer's mind.

Customized Advertising Solutions. Platform independent.
Interactive Wall & Floor. I squared.
3D Model control I squared.
Mobile Platform. Scan and play.